Leanne Wood and Ben Ferguson to lead Community Energy Wales

Published: 06.09.2023 ( 10 months ago )

Former Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and renewable energy specialist Ben Ferguson are the new directors of Community Energy Wales, the organisation announced today.

Against the backdrop of an energy price crisis and escalating climate breakdown, the two are charged with steering the knowledgeable and committed team at Community Energy Wales (CEW) to help realise its vision of a green energy system that puts people first.

“There is simply nothing more important than responding to the climate emergency,” said Leanne Wood.

“We have to end our addiction to fossil fuels, and ensuring that communities stay in control of the energy they generate is an essential part of the solution.

“CEW are a great team, with a sound values base ethos and big ambition. I can’t wait to get started!”

Ben Ferguson said: “Community renewable energy projects offer a great opportunity to democratise access to low carbon power at reliable prices, at a time when the failures of our current system have never been clearer.

“In response to the Welsh Government’s growing support, these ideas are beginning to flourish - and we look forward to working with all comers to realise the true power of locally owned and controlled energy in Wales.”

Leanne and Ben are excited to build on what has already been achieved by outgoing leader Rob Proctor, working on new opportunities to increase community-owned renewable energy in Wales, along with green transport schemes that will save people money while also helping to cut emissions.

This includes CEW’s car clubs, which will allow communities to share a stock of electric vehicles instead of running individual private cars on fossil fuels. It is hoped the initiative will significantly reduce carbon emissions across Wales, provide more transport and connection opportunities for those without cars, and help families on lower incomes to get around cheaply.

Research by shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) on average across Britain each car club vehicle results in 18.5 private cars being replaced.

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